Fruits with history…

Hatzisalatas S.A. starts its operation in 1960as a family business dealing with wholesale fruit trading

After many years of success, the company is gradually expanding in the field of standardization and packaging of products, while in 1995 its first controlled atmosphere cold storage is being built.

Since then the company is expanding continuously, maintaining always excellent quality and freshness of fruit, with passion and strong sense of responsibility.


Respect both customers and environment…

For 50 years so far we have been demonstrating our social, environmental and corporate responsibility in the whole range of our activities, always considering the satisfaction of our customers and the constant improvement of our products:

Starting from cultivation in the fields, the selection of right harvesting time, the storage under controlled temperature and humidity conditions, the strict grading procedure by experienced producers, the use of packaging materials suitable for health, till the final distribution, our company has both quality and safety of the products destined for customers, under control.

We choose perfection…

The basic products we standardize and trade are: apples, pears, cherries, chestnuts, kiwis, etc. Our products are picked from different parts of Greece, according to the quality of soil and climate of the region.